AMX & Crestron Programming

Whether your preference is AMX or Crestron, our certified staff has vast experience in providing a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution for your audiovisual project.

Advanced Programming Features

Every system we program contains many advanced features as standard. Each designed to minimize the costs of deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of high-end AV control systems.

GUI Design Services

Let us help you customize and standardize your AV Control solution to not only distinguish your brand, but also to evolve and modernize your environment to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

How can we serve you?

Thank you for visiting. Our primary mission is to serve you, our customer, so you can achieve success in your AV project. We do this by providing professional control system programming and design services tailored to meet your specific needs. We also offer unique graphic and code resources for programmers. Feel free to contact us with any questions using our online contact form, or simply call us. We’re here to serve you.













Leading Edge Systems (LES) is a trusted software development firm supporting the Audiovisual community for more than a decade. We will cater to your Software Development needs while offering the next generation in long-term Remote Services and support. Leading Edge Systems ensures your systems are running at peak performance and will continue to do so long after the installation is complete. We produce the highest quality audiovisual control solutions anywhere but what we deliver is peace-of-mind.