AMX & Crestron Programming

Whether your preference is AMX or Crestron, our certified staff has vast experience in providing a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution for your audiovisual project.

Advanced Programming Features

Every system we program contains many advanced features as standard. Each designed to minimize the costs of deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of high-end AV control systems.

GUI Design Services

Let us help you customize and standardize your AV Control solution to not only distinguish your brand, but also to evolve and modernize your environment to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Advanced Programming Services

Our programming is built upon a custom architecture, Advanced Audio-Video-Environment Control Solution (AAVECS), which ensures rock solid stability and uniform implementation no matter the environment or controlled equipment. This allows us to standardize systems across your entire organization. Different Video Teleconferencing units, Blu-Rays, Lighting Systems, Switchers, Displays, etc.? We excel at bringing together different manufacturers and models under standardized user interfaces. Ease of use and standardization is just the beginning why an AAVECS solution is the answer to your project needs.












In addition, our systems offer many features as standard, which are unheard of anywhere else in the industry:

  • System Tools: These pages provide a variety of programmed features including revision notes, device status, hardware settings, network information and panel cleaning.
  • Dialog Pages: Dialogs are used to communicate information to the user including selection confirmation, warnings, progress indicators, password entry and modification, system lockout, error notification and confirmation.
  • System Monitoring: We offer expertise for AMX Resource Management Suite (RMS) and Crestron Fusion implementation.
  • Global Deployment: We are highly experienced with remote downloads and diagnostics which reduces or eliminates travel expenses from the budget, saving you money. This service also allows us to deploy software solutions for your client, to every endpoint, regardless of location.

Leading Edge Systems is committed to providing the very best custom programming available. Our certified programmers design and implement systems utilizing a variety of high-tech equipment in a wide range of environments including:

  • Boardrooms & Conference Rooms
  • Network Operations Centers
  • Lecture Halls & Classrooms
  • Sub-divisible Rooms
  • Entry-way & Kiosks
  • And Many More