AMX & Crestron Programming

Whether your preference is AMX or Crestron, our certified staff has vast experience in providing a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution for your audiovisual project.

Advanced Programming Features

Every system we program contains many advanced features as standard. Each designed to minimize the costs of deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of high-end AV control systems.

GUI Design Services

Let us help you customize and standardize your AV Control solution to not only distinguish your brand, but also to evolve and modernize your environment to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

AMX & Crestron Programming

Leading Edge Systems will cater to your programming needs while also offering the next generation in long term service and support. Our rock-solid programming and scientifically based interface designs have an unparalleled history of success. LES is committed to providing the very best custom programming available. Our certified programmers design and implement systems utilizing a variety of high-tech equipment in a wide range of environments.












When deciding the control system hardware in your system, whatever the preference, we have you covered.

Vertical Markets

Leading Edge Systems serves many key vertical markets. While there are many commonalities among all AV environments, we understand that not every business uses the same metrics to measure success of a new project. Most prominently we provide services for:


  • Government
  • Military
  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Health Care

What Matters

In addition to an admirable track record within many vertical markets, Leading Edge Systems has also been able to leverage its expertise for a range of different environments. Leading Edge systems provides unique and innovative programming services for all our clients and projects regardless of system size or environment. We standardize control across entire organizations locally or worldwide. What matters most is that we promise the highest quality solutions and support. Not only do we want your business… we want to keep it.