AMX & Crestron Programming

Whether your preference is AMX or Crestron, our certified staff has vast experience in providing a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution for your audiovisual project.

Advanced Programming Features

Every system we program contains many advanced features as standard. Each designed to minimize the costs of deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of high-end AV control systems.

GUI Design Services

Let us help you customize and standardize your AV Control solution to not only distinguish your brand, but also to evolve and modernize your environment to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

GUI Design Services

At Leading Edge Systems we design a digital user interface that is intuitive and highly functional. Our design team, with a focus on human factors, deliver maximum effectiveness with every touch panel interface we create. A quality user interface can be the difference between product acceptance or rejection by the end-user. When we design a custom interface, we take into consideration factors such as the users, the organization the system it is designed for, the room the design will be in and any other unique requests the client may have. When all is said and done, the client receives a totally unique interface experience, designed specifically for them.












Branding & Standardization

Leading Edge Systems has been serving the custom interface needs of our customers for years. For each client we create a signature look and feel branded to the end users’ organization identity. In addition to giving the user a sense of ownership, a branded touch panel design will look and feel familiar and therefore more inviting.

Our interface design experts specialize in creating a functionally robust design that is easy to learn, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. Above all, Leading Edge Systems’ touch panel GUI’s are designed for use. Our extensive knowledge of human factors, coupled with our impeccable graphic design skills, is what powers the next-generation touch panel interface designs we produce.

Professional Service

At Leading Edge Systems we also recognize the need for industry professionals to maintain a consistent product which may preclude custom interface design on a per client basis. Interface inconsistency is one of the greatest problems faced by audiovisual control users. For this reason we offer buttons sets, icons and template designs to all of our customers. Going with a prepackaged template greatly reduces project completion time and reduces cost substantially. It also provides our customers with a reusable design and a product shelf life that will never diminish.

Over the years we have worked through a broad range of design issues and solved many problems related to poorly designed technology. The resulting solutions, and our many years of experience, are reflected in all our custom graphic and template design products.